Time passes very quickly and fashion leaves, changes and comes again. After all, we ourselves change the same as we grow up. Our clothes should be adapted to our body type, to our colors, but above all to our age.

A great truth is that we can not wear what we want growing up. The age of 40 is a key point where we have to review many pieces of our wardrobe. We will have to remove some clothes and incorporate some others into our daily clothing and footwear.

We will show you below some clothes that may not suit a woman over 40 years old.

Clutch bags on a daily basis



Young girls can keep these bags everyday as accessories. After 40, it is best to keep them only in special cases. Prefer the mini bags for formal occasions and the bigger ones for every day.

Bracelets with many charms

Very often, these bracelets are important for whoever wears them, because every charm represents a nice memory, or a loved one. However, this type of accessory may seem a bit childish and that is why it is best to avoid it in adulthood.

Colorful tights

Only a schoolgirl can afford to wear these tights. Women who wear them may look funny.

Boyfriend pants

A teenage girl looks tiny and vulnerable in such clothes. An adult woman, however, does not look elegant at all. That's why it is better to wear clothes in their normal size.

Shape coats

There is no cardigan or coat that can not be replaced by an elegant neutral jacket. Now you can easily say goodbye to all these t-shirts and cardigans.

Teenage dresses

If a dress suited you 10 years ago, there is no way in your 40s it will look just as harmonious on you.

Clothes depicting symbols of sports teams and bands

If you really are a fan of a particular sports team, it is better to keep long clothes with its logo until the next race. But if you buy clothes that depict a music band or a sports team just because they look cool, you might want to reconsider.

Hats with pom-poms

It is in the same category as the tights. Here, too, there is a very fine line between elegance and childhood.

Trousers without size

These pants hardly fit anyone, including women over 40. Better to forget the existence of these pants.

Flip flops

Wearing flip flops is not only negative for your beauty and image, but also for your health. The soft and flat sole of this shoe is not ideal for walking in the city. If you wear them often, you may have problems with your feet.

Of course, it is important to remember that every woman makes personal changes in style. Some can keep the same clothes for many years, while others often renew their style. It is important to remember that any outfit can look stylish if you choose it wisely.

Source diaforetiko.gr