Company profile

The quality women's footwear boutique   "Trace", serves its dear customers seamlessly for more than 35 years at exactly the same address 224 Corinth & Agios Nikolaos in the heart of Patras.

The name "Trace" is rightly identified and has now become synonymous with the concepts:

  • Excellent Service . Each of our customers is treated with uniqueness, emphasizing the coverage of their individual needs and requirements.
  • Top Quality from Greek Manufacturers . We are loyal lovers of real quality leather and concepts such as leatherette, techno-leather, etc. have no place among our products. We choose and trust for the production of our products the most experienced Greek manufacturers, consciously ignoring the highest cost since only in this way we achieve excellent quality products but at the same time we strengthen the Greek economy.
  • Aesthetics . The choices of our designs are based on elegance on the one hand, in order to promote the beauty and femininity of the woman, making her unique and special in each of her special public appearances, on the other hand, the comfort provided by the carefully selected forms of our shoes.

The strict choices of the fashion consultant , Anastasia Latta , new owner of Trace since 2016, have given a new breath to the history of the Boutique which is a constant value in the market of quality classic, elegant women's shoes. Its goal is the continuous and further upgrade of the offered products and services to our clients because they deserve the best.